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        全部 更多 滤膜 滤纸 滤器
        全部 更多 1盒
        全部 更多 Fusion 5 11MMx50M GM045 300MMx6M 1/PK MV050/0 SS VAC1 500ML 1/PK NUC PC 13MM 0 8uM 100/PK 0.45um 直径25mm 50张/包 0903 450x450MM 500/PK 12uM NUC PC 47mm dia 0 2uM pore 100/PK 1V 12.5CM 100/PK 1V 15CM 100/PK 1V 18.5CM 100/PK 1V 24CM 100/PK 1V 27CM 100/PK 1V 32CM 100/PK 2043A RL 290MMx500M 1/PK IMP 25MM GLS MEM FILT HLDR 1/PK 25MM GLS MEM HLDR 50MLRES 1/PK 25MM SS MEM HLDR 25ML RES 1/PK 2W 11.0CM 500/PK 2W 9.0CM 500/PK 3 PIECE 7CM LRG RESERVOIR 1/PK 3 PIECE 7CM RESERVOIR 1/PK 3 PIECE 9CM RESERVOIR 1/PK 3 PIECE FUNNEL 12.5CM 1/PK 3 PIECE FUNNEL 2.5CM 1/PK 3 PIECE FUNNEL 4.7CM 1/PK 3 PIECE FUNNEL 7CM 115ML 1/PK 3 PIECE FUNNEL 7CM 210ML 1/PK 3 PIECE FUNNEL 7CM 400ML 1/PK 3 PIECE FUNNEL 9CM 1/PK 3 PIECE PP PLT 9.0CM 1/PK 3 PIECE PTFE PLT 4.7CM 1/PK 3 PIECE PTFE PLT 7.0CM 1/PK 33 GLASS 13 x 310MM 100PK 33 Glass 20mm x 100m 33GLASS 210x297MM 100/PK 33GLASS 25MMx50M 1/PK 33GLASS 635MMx457M 1/PK 470 1.5INx450FT 1/PK 47MM GLS MEM FILT HLDR 1/PK 47MM SS MEM HLDR 300MLRES 1/PK 4V 32CM 100/PK 4V 12.5CM 100/PK 4V 15CM 100/PK 4V 18.5CM 100/PK 4V 24CM 100/PK 4V 27CM 100/PK 5 FF 11 0CM 100/PK 5 FF 18.5CM 100/PK 50MM 0.45 PTFE 1/4-3/8 HB 100/Pk 50MM 149UM POLYPRO 50MM TF 0.2UM 597 Optima 110MM 100/PK 597 Optima 12.7mm 1000/pk 597 Optima 125MM 100/PK 597 Optima 150MM 100/PK 597 Optima 185MM 100/PK 597 Optima 240MM 100/PK 597 Optima 320MM 100/PK 597 Optima 45MM 100/PK 597 Optima 55MM 100/PK 597 Optima 58x58cm 100/PK 597 Optima 58x58cm 500/PK 597 Optima 70MM 100/PK 597 Optima 90MM 100/PK 60MM 1.0UM TF 1/4 OUTLET 75mm capsule filter with ULPA media 3/8 FNPT inlet/outlet 5/pk 903 PROTSAVER 5 SPOT 100/PK 903 CDC 100/PK 903 India Research Card 1pk 903 Lasec Non-Perforated 5 Circle Card 100PK 903 MONOBIND CALIBRATOR 1PK 903 MONOBIND CONTROL 1PK 903 NACO INDIA KIT 903 PE CASSETTE 1/PK 903 PROTEINSAVER US 100/PK 903 Perforated 5 Circle Card Lasec 100PK 903 SINGLE CARD BERLIN 1/100 903CARD NACO INDIA 100/PK 90MM GLS MEM FILT HLDR 1/PK 934-AH 11CM 100/PK 934-AH 2.5CM 100/PK 934-AH 4.7CM 100/PK 934-AH RTU 24MM 100/PK 934-AH RTU 42.5MM 100/PK 934-AH RTU 47MM 100/PK 5 decimal places 934-AH RTU 47MM 100/PK 934-AH RTU 47MM Barcode 100/PK 934-AH RTU 55MM 100/PK 934-AH RTU 90MM 100/PK 934-AH RTU for solids, 70mm, 100/ pk 934-AH for volatile, pre-rinsed and ignited, 42.5mm, 100/pk 934-AH for volatile, pre-rinsed and ignited, 47mm, 100/pk 934-AH for volatile, pre-rinsed and ignited, 70mm, 100/pk 934-AH for volatile, pre-rinsed and ignited, 90mm, 100/pk 934AH pre-rinsed and dried 4.7cm 100/PK ACCUFLOW G 20MMx75M 1/PK ACCUFLOW G 210X297MM 100/PK ACCUFLOW G 30MMx75M 1/PK ACCUFLOW G 80x300MM 10/PK AE100 12 uM 47MM 100/PK AE100 12uM 50MM 100/PK AE100 25MMx50M 1/PK AE100 6MMx50M 1/PK AE98 25MMx50M 1/PK AE98 5uM 25MM 100/PK AE98 5uM 47MM 100/PK AE98 5uM 50MM 100/PK AE98 FAST 25MMx50M 1/PK AE98 FAST 40MMx50M 1/PK AE99 16MMx50M 1/PK SIP AE99 18MMx50M 1/PK SIP AE99 20MMx100M 1/PK IP AE99 21MMx50M 1/PK AE99 25MMx100M 1/PK SIP AE99 25MMx50M 1/PK SIP AE99 25MMx50M 1/PK AE99 25X300MM 10/PK IA AE99 8uM 25MM 100/PK AE99 8uM 47MM 100/PK AE99 8uM 50MM 100/PK AE99/5 8uM 50MM 100/PK HYRIM AKTA flux 6 ANOD 13MM 0.2uM NO SUP 100/PK ANOD 25MM 0.02uM SUPP 50/PK ANOD 25MM 0.1uM SUPP 50/PK ANOD 25MM 0.2uM SUPP 50/PK ANOD 47MM 0.02uM NO SUP 50/PK ANOD 47MM 0.1um SUPP 50/PK ANOD 47MM 0.2UM NO SUP 50/PK AS003/0/05 SUCTIONCAP 1/PK AS220 MBSI MANIF 2-PLACE 1/PK AS300/3 SS VAC3 500ML 1/PK AS300/5 SS VAC3 100ML 1/PK AS310/3 SS VAC3 500ML 1/PK AS600/3 SS VAC6 500ML 1/PK AS600/5 SS VAC6 100ML 1/PK AS610/3 SS VAC6 500ML 1/PK ASHLESS CLIPPINGS 500g/PK BA79 80x305MM 20/PK BA79 80x345MM 25/PK BA79 89MMx127MM PK/100 LAM BA83 100MMx100M 1/PK BA83 105x128MM 25/PK BA83 180MMx50M 1/PK BA83 300MMx3.5M WM 1/PK BA83 300MMx50M 1PK BA83 60MMx110M 1/PK BA83/GB003 135X86MM 500/PK BA85 300MMx3.5M WM 1/PK BA85 66MMx50M 1/PK BA85 85X400MM 25/PK LAM BA85/GB003 75x83MM 1000/PK BFC180 300MMx315M 1/PK BSF80 10CM x 420M BSF80 7.8CM x 420M CARBON CAP COLDER 1/PK FITTING CD427-05 19MM x 50M CD427-05 25mmx300mm 100/pk CD427-05 28.2mmx300mm 100/pk CDPH CUSTOM DRYING RACK 10/PK CF1 22MMX50M CF12 18MM x100M 1/PK CF12 20mm x 100M CF12 20mmx100M 1PK CF12 210X297MM 100PK CF12 30MMX100M 1/PK CF12 46X57CM 100PK CF12 58X58CM 100PK CF12 8IN x 12IN 100/PK CF12 VUMC CARD CF2 22mm x 50m 1pk CF3 100MMX200M 1/PK CF3 22MMX50M CF3 27MMX50M CF3 27mm x 100M CF3 A4 sheets 50/PK CF4 12MMX50M CF4 22MMX50M CF4 35MM x 50M CF4 A4 x 50 SHTS CF5 18MMX50M CF5 22MMX50M CF5 27MMX100M CF5 27MMX50M CF5 A4 Sheets 50/PK CF6 17MMX50M CF6 A4 SHEETS 50/PK CF7 12MMX50M CF7 17MMX50M CF7 22MMX50M CF7 35MMX50M CF7 A4 sheets 50/PK CLOSURE CLAMP OF THE MD142 UNIT CM32 10 KG AIE CELLULOSE CM52 10KG AIE CELLULOSE CM52 2KG AIE CELLULOSE CYL PC 13MM 0 4uM 100/PK CYL PC 25MM 0 4uM 100/PK CYL PC 25MM 0.2uM 100/PK(新货号10417606) CYL PC 25MM 0.2uM 100/PK(原货号7060-2502) CYL PC 25MM 12 0uM 100/PK CYL PC 47MM 0 4uM 100/PK CYL PC 47MM 0.1uM 100/PK CYL PC 47MM 0.2uM 100/PK(原货号7060-4702) CYL PC 47MM 0.4uM 100/PK CYL PC 47MM 1.0uM 100/PK CYL PC 47MM 10 0uM 100/PK CYL PC 47MM 12 0uM 100/PK CYL PC 47MM 3.0uM 100/PK CYL PC 8.0uM 10mm x 50M CYL PC CLEAR 47MM 1.0uM 100/PK DE32 10KG AIE CELLULOSE DE52 2KG AIE CELLULOSE DE52 10KG AIE CELLULOSE DE52 25KG AIE CELLULOSE DE52/D461 25KG AIE CELLULOSE DE52/D831 10KG DESICCANT 100 PK DESICCANT PACK 100/PK DRYING RACK W/OUT VELCRO 10/PK DRYING RACK WITH VELCRO 10/PK EPM 2000 46x57cm 50/pk EPM-2000 4.7CM 100/PK EPM-2000 8x10IN 100/PK F169-05 170MMX500 1/PK F169-05 200MMx500M 1/PK F169-05 275MMx500M1 /PK F319-04 44MM 960/PK F319-04 92MM 100/PK F427-07 14mmx14mm F529-09 25MMx185M 1/PK FF120HP 20MMx50M 1/PK FF120HP 25MMx50M 1/PK FF120HP 27x300 MM 25/PK FF120HP 70MMx50M 1/PK FF120HP PLUS 20MMx100M 1/PK FF120HP PLUS 20MMx50M 1/PK FF120HP PLUS 210x297MM 10/Pk FF120HP PLUS 25MMx100M 1/PK FF120HP PLUS 25MMx50M 1/PK FF120HP PLUS 35x300MM 100/PK FF120HP PLUS THICK 20MMx100M 1/PK FF120HP PLUS THICK 210x297MM 10/Pk FF120HP PLUS THICK 25MMx100M 1/PK FF120HP PLUS THICK 60(25)X300MM PK/25 LAM FF125/175 50MMx50M 1/PK FF170HP 20MMx50M 1/PK FF170HP 25MMx50M 1/PK FF170HP 30MMx50M 1/PK FF170HP 57MMx50M 1/PK FF170HP PLUS 20MMx100M 1/PK FF170HP PLUS 20MMx50M 1/PK FF170HP PLUS 210x297MM 10/Pk FF170HP PLUS 25MMx100M 1/PK FF170HP PLUS 25MMx50M 1/PK FF170HP PLUS THICK 20MMx100M 1/PK FF170HP PLUS THICK 210x297MM 10/Pk FF170HP PLUS THICK 25MMx100M 1/PK FF170HP PLUS THICK 60(25)X300MM PK/25 LAM FF80HP 20MMx50M 1/PK FF80HP 25MMx50M 1/PK FF80HP 25x300MM 10/PK FF80HP 30MMx50M 1/PK FF80HP PLUS 20MMx100M 1/PK FF80HP PLUS 20MMx50M 1/PK FF80HP PLUS 210x297MM 10/Pk FF80HP PLUS 25MMx100M 1/PK FF80HP PLUS 25MMx50M 1/PK FF80HP PLUS 35MMx100M 1/PK FF80HP PLUS 35x300MM 100/PK FF80HP PLUS THICK 20MMx100M 1/PK FF80HP PLUS THICK 210x297MM 10/Pk FF80HP PLUS THICK 25MMx100M 1/PK FF80HP PLUS THICK 28MMx50M 1/PK FF80HP PLUS THICK 60(25)X300MM 25/PK LAM FF85/100 25MMx50M 1/PK FILTRATION START KIT FOR AKTA FM025/0 SS FILTHOLD 25MM 1/PK FOIL RESEALABLE BAG 1000PK FP 30/0.2 CA 50/PK FP025/1 PSU FILHOLD 25MM 10/PK FP050/0 PSU FILTHOLD 50MM 1/PK FP050/0 PSU FILTHOLD 50MM 5/PK FP050/0/13 CONNHOSE FP050 1/PK FP050/1 PSU FILTHOLD 50MM 1/PK FP050/1 PSU FILTHOLD 50MM 5/PK FT020 300MMx600MM 10/PK FT060 300x350MM 25/PK IA FUSION 5 149MMX50M 10PK FUSION 5 22MMX100M 1PK FUSION 5 25MMX50M 1PK FUSION 5 28.5MM X 100M 1/PK FUSION 5 37.5MM x 100M 1PK FUSION 5 40MM x 50M 1/PK FUSION 5 60MMX270M 1PK FUSION 5 6CMx50M 1/PK FUSION 5 8MM x 50M 1/PK FUSION 5 A4 SHEETS 50/PK Filtration 1day Folded Filter Papers Sample 980/PK Fusion 5 30mm x 100M Fusion 5 7mm x 50M GB005 14.8x14.8MM 5000/PK GB005 7.5x20MM 5000/PK GB005 80x122MM 100/PK GF/A 11.0CM 100/PK GF/A 3.7CM 100/PK GF/A 4.7CM 100/PK GF/A 5.5CM 100/PK GF/A 8x10IN 100/PK GF/A 9.0CM 100/PK GF/A F.B.T. 1.3CM 100/PK GF/B 11.0CM 25/PK GF/B 4.7CM 100/PK GF/B 46x57CM 25/PK GF/C 11CM 100/PK GF/C 15CM 100/PK GF/C 2.5CM 100/PK GF/C 4.7CM 100/PK GF/C 7CM 100/PK GF/C 9CM 100/PK GF/D 1CM 100/PK GF/D 2.5CM 100/PK GF/D 4.7CM 100/PK GF/D 5.5CM 100/PK GF/D 9CM 25/PK GF/F 2.1CM 100/PK GF/F 2.5CM 100/PK GF/F 4.25CM 100/PK GF/F 4.7CM 100/PK GF/F 9CM 25/PK GF10 40MMx17M CORE 28MM 1/PK GF92 100MM 100/PK GF92 135MM 100/PK GF92 142MM 100/PK GF92 42MM 200/PK GF92 47MM 200/PK GF92 50MM 200/PK GFCM30VS 150mmx50M GLASSINE ENVELOPE 100/PK GLS RESERVOIR 300ML 1/PK GR 1 110MM CONE 1000/ PK GR 113 11CM 100/PK GR 113 12.5CM 100/PK GR 113 15CM 100/PK GR 113 18.5CM 100/PK GR 113 24CM 100/PK GR 113 32CM 100/PK GR 113 46x57CM 100/PK GR 113 49x100CM 100/PK GR 113 50CM 100/PK GR 113 9CM 100/PK GR 113 FF 12.5CM 100/PK GR 113 FF 15CM 100/PK GR 113 FF 18.5CM 100/PK GR 113 FF 24CM 100/PK GR 113 FF 27CM 100/PK GR 113 FF 32CM 100/PK GR 113 FF 50CM 100/PK GR 114 12.5CM 100/PK GR 114 15CM 100/PK GR 114 18.5CM 100/PK GR 114 24CM 100/PK GR 114 40CM 100/PK GR 114 58x58CM 100/PK GR 114 9CM 100/PK GR 114 FF 12.5CM 100/PK GR 114 FF 15CM 100/PK GR 114 FF 18.5CM 100/PK GR 114 FF 24CM 100/PK GR 114 FF 32CM 100/PK GR 1915 600MM x 680MM 500/PK GR 2 270MMx200M 1/RL GR 2 FF 12.5CM 100/PK GR 2 FF 15CM 100/PK GR 2 FF 18.5CM 100/PK GR 2 FF 24CM 100/PK GR 2 FF 27CM 100/PK GR 2 FF 32CM 100/PK GR 2 FF 38.5CM 100/PK GR 2 FF 40CM 100/PK GR 2 FF 50CM 100/PK GR 40 110mm Cone 1000/pk GR 40 12.5CM 1000/PK Pyramid GR 40 125mm Cone 1000/pk GR 42 110MM PYRAMID 1000PK GR 42 90MM PYRAMID 1000PK GR 6 12.5CM 1000/PK Pyramid GR 71 58CMx200M 1/PK GR 71 custom 58CMx200M 1/PK GR 72 3INx10M REEL GR 72 4.7CM 100/PK GR 91 11.0CM 4000/PK GR 91 12.5CM 4000/PK GR 91 15CM 1000/PK GR 91 16.5CM 1000/PK GR 91 18.5CM 1000/PK GR 91 19CM 1000/PK GR 91 24CM 1000/PK GR 91 33cm 100/PK GR 91 58x58CM 500/PK GR 91 61x61CM 500/PK GR 93 11CM 100/PK GR 93 11CM 50x25 DSP/PK GR 93 12 5CM 40x100/PK GR 93 12.5CM 100/PK GR 93 12.5CM 50x25 DSP/PK GR 93 15CM 10x100/PK GR 93 58x58CM 500/PK GR 93 61x61CM 500/PK GR1 125MM PYRAMID 1000PK GR41 125MM PYRAMID 1000/PK GR42 125MM PYRAMID 1000/PK GRADE 1 210x297MM 50/PK GRADE 300 80x120MM 100/PK GRADE 470 10x12IN 100/PK GRADE 470 210x297MM 100/PK GV/MV050/0/06 CLAMP 1/PK GV025/0 GLASS VAC1 60ML 1/PK GV025/0/01 GLASS FUN 60ML 1/PK GV025/0/02 GLASS BASE 1/PK GV025/0/03 GLASSFRIT 1/PK GV025/0/05 CENTRING F/FRT 1/PK GV025/0/06 CLAMP F/GV025 1/PK GV025/2 GLASS VAC1 60ML 1/PK GV025/2/02 BASE F/GV025/2 1/PK GV025/2/08 FLSK F/GV025/2 1/PK GV050/0 GLASS VAC1 250ML 1/PK GV050/0/01 FUN F/GV050 1/PK GV050/0/02 BASE F/GV050/0 1/PK GV050/0/03 FRIT F/GV050 1/PK GV050/0/05 CENRNG F/GV050 1/PK GV050/0/10 RUBSTP F/SF100 1/PK GV050/0/12 RUBCAP F/GV050 1/PK GV050/1 GLASS VAC1 250ML 1/PK GV050/1/03 SCRN F/GV050/1 1/PK GV050/2 GLASS VAC1 250ML 1/PK GV050/2/02 BASE W/NS29 1/PK GV050/2/08 FLASK 1L NS29 1/PK GV050/2/12 BASE W/NS45 1/PK GV050/2/13 FLASK 1L NS45 1/PK GV050/3 GLASS VAC1 250ML 1/PK GV100/0 GLASS VAC1 500ML 1/PK GV100/0/01 FUNNEL F/GV100 1/PK GV100/0/02 BASE F/GV100 1/PK GV100/0/03 FRIT F/GV100/0 1/PK GV100/0/05 CENTRING F/FRT 1/PK GV100/0/06 CLAMP F/GV100 1/PK GV100/0/10 RUBSTP F/SF100 1/PK GV100/1 GLASS VAC1 500ML 1/PK GV100/1/03 SCRN F/GV100/1 1/PK GV100/1/05 CENTRING F/SCR 1/PK Grade 4 110MM PYRAMID 1000/PK Grade 4 125MM PYRAMID 1000/PK Grade 41 110MM PYRAMID 1000/PK Grade 470 17mm x 300mm 500/PK Grade 470 18MM x 100M 1/PK Grade 470 25mm x 150M Grade 470 31mmx50m 1/PK Grade 470 6.5INx1000FT 1/PK Grade 93 35inchesx5000m reel HEPA 50MM 3/16IN-1/4IN HEPA-VENT 50 GF 50/PK A/A HGF61 30MMX100M 1/PK HGF61 30MMX20M 1/PK HGF61 30MMX20M CORE 40.5MM 1/PK Rough side up HGF61 30MMx40M CORE 28MM 1/PK HGF61 30mm x 25M Rough Side UP HGF61 30mm x 25M smooth side up HGF61 35MMx20M CORE 50.8MM 1/PK, Rough side up HGF61 40MMx25M CORE 28MM 1/PK HGF61 FPI 30MM X 30M ROUGH UP 1/PK HGF62 57CMX950M/M2 HPZ Sheet_810mmX595mm IIPS LASI 903 CARD IMMUNOPORE FP 25MMx100M 1/PK IMMUNOPORE FP 25MMx50M 1/PK IMMUNOPORE FP 45MMx50M 1/PK IMMUNOPORE RP 25MMx50M 1/PK IMMUNOPORE SP 25MMx100M 1/PK Immunopore SP 20MMx50M 1/PK KN-2211 0.5uM 127MMx76M 1/PK LATERAL FLOW STARTER PACK, MEMBRANES ONLY LF1 12MMX50M LF1 12mm x 100mm LF1 17MMX50M LF1 8mm x 50m LF1 A4 SHEETS 50/PK Lateral Flow Starter Pack, CF/GF Pads Line tube kit - AKTA flux 6 MBS2 PP-FUNNEL ME24/21 24/PK MBS2 PP-FUNNEL MICROPI21 24/PK MBS2 PP-FUNNEL MICROPL31 24/PK MBSI AUTOCLAV BAG 20/PK MBSI FUNNEL DISPENSER 1/PK MBSI FUNNEL DISPENSER 2.0 1/PK MBSI FUNNEL PP ST 100ML 20/PK MBSI FUNNEL PP ST 350ML 20/PK MBSI STEEL FRIT FOR AS220 1/PK MD050/0/03 SCRN F/MD050 1/PK MD050/0/04 SIEVE F/MD050 1/PK MD050/0/12 CONN RAPID 1/PK MD050/0/18 CONN HOSE 9MM 1/PK MD050/0/31 SIRING F/MD050 1/PK MD050/4 SS PR 50MM 200ML 1/PK MD142/2/03 SCRN F/MD142 1/PK MD142/2/04 SIEVE F/MD142 1/PK MD142/2/05 BACKPR F/MD142 1/PK MD142/2/66 ORING F/MD142 1/PK MD142/5/3 SSPR 142MM 2.2L 1/PK MD142/7/3 TEPR 142MM 1.5L 1/PK MDA100HP 2.54CMx316M 1/RL - 2010038 ME24 0.2uM 100MM 50/PK ME24 0.2uM 110MM 50/PK ME24 0.2uM 142MM 25/PK ME24 0.2uM 25MM 100/PK ME24 0.2uM 47MM 100/PK ME24 0.2uM 50MM 100/PK ME24 ST 0.2uM 47MM 100/PK ME24 ST 0.2uM 50MM 100/PK ME24/21 ST 0.2uM 47MM 100/PK ME24/21 ST 0.2uM 50MM 100/PK ME24/21 ST V 0.2uM 47MM 100/PK ME24/21 STL 0.2uM 47MM 400/PK ME24/21 STL 0.2uM 50MM 400/PK ME25 0 45uM 50MM 100/PK LOW C ME25 0.45uM 100MM 50/PK ME25 0.45uM 110MM 50/PK ME25 0.45uM 142MM 25/PK ME25 0.45uM 25MM 100/PK ME25 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK ME25 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK ME25 0.45uM 90MM 50/PK ME25 300MMx100M 1/PK ME25 640MMx100m 1PK ME25 65MMx110M 1/PK ME25 SELECT/21 47MM ST 100/PK ME25 SELECT/21 50MM ST 100/PK ME25 SELECT/21 STL 47MM 400/PK ME25 SELECT/21 STL 50MM 400/PK ME25 SELECT/21 V 47MM ST 1000/PK ME25 ST 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK ME25 ST 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK ME25/20 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK ME25/20 ST 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK ME25/20 STL 0.45uM 50MM 400/PK ME25/21 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK GRD ME25/21 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK GRD ME25/21 ST 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK ME25/21 ST 0.45uM 47MM 1000/PK ME25/21 ST 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK ME25/21 ST V 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK ME25/21 ST V 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK ME25/21 STL 0.45uM 47MM 400/PK ME25/21 STL 0.45uM 50MM 400/PK ME25/21 STL V 0.45uM 47MM 400/PK ME25/21 STL V 0.45uM 50MM 400/PK ME25/3 300MMx100M 1/PK ME25/31 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK ME25/31 ST 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK ME25/31 ST 0.45uM 47MM 1000/PK ME25/31 ST 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK ME25/31 ST V 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK ME25/31 ST V 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK ME25/31 STL 0.45uM 47MM 400/PK ME25/31 STL 0.45uM 50MM 400/PK ME25/31 STL V 0.45uM 50MM 400/PK ME25/31 STL V 0.45uM 47MM 400/PK ME25/41 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK ME25/41 ST 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK ME25/41 ST 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK ME25/41 ST V 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK ME25/41 ST V 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK ME25/41 STL 0.45uM 47MM 400/PK ME25/41 STL 0.45uM 50MM 400/PK ME25/41 STL V 0.45uM 47MM 400/PK ME25/41 V STL 0.45uM 50MM 400/PK ME25/51 ST 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK ME25/91 STL 0 45uM 50MM 400/PK ME26 0.6uM 25MM 100/PK ME26 0.6uM 47MM 100/PK ME26 0.6uM 50MM 100/PK ME26/31 0.6uM 50MM 100/PK ME26/31 ST 0.6uM 47MM 100/PK ME26/31 ST 0.6uM 50MM 100/PK ME26/31 STL 0.6uM 50MM 400/PK ME27 0.8uM 100MM 50/PK ME27 0.8uM 25MM 100/PK ME27 0.8uM 37MM 100/PK ME27 0.8uM 47MM 100/PK ME27 0.8uM 50MM 100/PK ME27/21 ST 0.8uM 47MM 100/PK ME27/21 STL 0.8uM 50MM 400/PK ME27/31 STL 0.8uM 47MM 400/PK ME27/41 STL 0.8uM 50MM 400/PK ME27/41ST 0.8u 50MM 100/PK GRN ME27/61 ST 0.8uM 47MM 100/PK ME28 1.2uM 100MM 50/PK ME28 1.2uM 25MM 100/PK ME28 1.2uM 47MM 100/PK ME28 1.2uM 50MM 100/PK ME28/21 1 2uM 47MM 100/PK ME28/41 ST 1.2uM 50MM 100/PK ME29 3.0uM 25MM 100/PK ME29 3.0uM 47MM 100/PK ME29 3.0uM 50MM 100/PK ME29 ST 3.0uM 50MM 100/PK MEMBRANE-BUTLER ELECTRONIC 1/PK MEMBRANE-BUTLER MANUAL 1/PK MF1 12MMx50M MF1 17MMx50M MF1 210 X 297MM PK/50 MF1 22MMx50M MF1 27MMx50M MF1 46cm x 500m 1pk MF1 9MMx100M ML050/0 SS FILTHOLD 50MM 1/PK ML050/0/03 SSFRIT F/ML050 1/PK MP21 ST 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK MP21 ST 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK MP21 STL 0.45uM 47MM 400/PK MP21 STL 0.45uM 50MM 400/PK MP31 ST 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK MP31 STL 0.45uM 47MM 400/PK MP31 STL 0.45uM 50MM 400/PK MP41 STL 0.45uM 47MM 400/PK MP41 STL 0.45uM 50MM 400/PK MULTIGRADE 2uM 9.0CM 20/PK MUP 100/PK outer chambers only MV050/0/01 SS FUN 500ML 1/PK MV050/0/03 SCRN F/MV050 1/PK MV050/0/09 ORING FOR LID 1/PK MV050/1/05 PTFE GASKET 1/PK MV050A/0 SS VAC1 500ML 1/PK Main instrument AKTA flux S Master roll of Fusion 5 560mm x 550m MicroPES LAM 190.5x190.5MM 50/PK NACO 903 HIV SCREEN KIT NC FT020 SHT 350mmx640mm 10/PK NC10 0.1uM 47MM 100/PK NC10 0.1uM 50MM 100/PK NC20 0.2uM 47MM 100/PK NC20 0.2uM 47MM 50PK NC20 0.2uM 50MM 100/PK NC45 0.45uM 100MM 50/PK NC45 0.45uM 110MM 50/PK NC45 0.45uM 142MM 25/PK NC45 0.45uM 25MM 100/PK NC45 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK NC45 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK NC45 0.45uM 90MM 50/PK NC45 ST 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK NL16 0.2uM 25MM 100/PK NL16 0.2uM 47MM 100/PK NL16 0.2uM 50MM 100/PK NL17 0.45uM 25MM 100/PK NL17 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK NL17 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK NUC 0.4UM PC 11.7mm X 100M 1/PK NUC 300MMX50M 0.4uM 1/PK NOMU(新货号10417151) NUC 300MMX50M 0.8uM 1/PK NOMU NUC 5UM 25MMx80MM 100/PK NUC PC 0 072um SP 142MM 25/PK NUC PC 0.015um 2IN x 50M NUC PC 0.03um 2IN x 50M NUC PC 0.05um 142mm 25/PK NUC PC 0.08um SP 142mm 25/PK NUC PC 0.2 um, 293mm,100/PK(原货号112112) NUC PC 13MM 0.015uM 100/PK NUC PC 13MM 0.1uM 100/PK NUC PC 13MM 0.2uM 100/PK(原货号110406) NUC PC 13MM 0.4uM 100/PK(原货号110407) NUC PC 13MM 1 0uM 100/PK NUC PC 13MM 10 0uM 100/PK NUC PC 13MM 12 0uM 100/PK NUC PC 13MM 3 0uM 100/PK NUC PC 13MM 5 0uM PVPF 100/PK NUC PC 13MM 5.0uM 100/PK(原货号110413) NUC PC 13MM 8.0uM 100/PK(原货号110414) NUC PC 13MM 8.0uM PVPF 100/PK NUC PC 142MM 0 05uM 100/PK NUC PC 142MM 0.08uM 25/PK NUC PC 142MM 0.1uM 25/PK NUC PC 142MM 0.2uM 25/PK(原货号112106) NUC PC 142MM 0.4uM 100/PK(原货号112126) NUC PC 142MM 0.8uM 100/PK(原货号110808) NUC PC 142MM 1 0uM 25/PK NUC PC 15MM 0.4uM 100/PK NUC PC 15MM 0.6uM 100/PK NUC PC 19MM 0 2uM 100/PK NUC PC 19MM 0.05uM 100/PK NUC PC 19MM 0.1uM 100/PK NUC PC 19MM 0.2uM 100/PK(原货号800281) NUC PC 19MM 0.3uM 100/PK NUC PC 19MM 0.4uM 100/PK(原货号800282) NUC PC 19MM 0.8uM 100/PK(原货号800284) NUC PC 19MM 1.0uM 100/PK NUC PC 25MM 0.015uM 100/PK NUC PC 25MM 0.03uM 100/PK NUC PC 25MM 0.05uM 100/PK NUC PC 25MM 0.08uM 100/PK NUC PC 25MM 0.1uM 100/PK NUC PC 25MM 0.2uM 100/PK(原货号110606) NUC PC 25MM 0.4uM 100/PK(原货号110607) NUC PC 25MM 0.6uM 100/PK(原货号110608) NUC PC 25MM 0.8uM 100/PK(原货号110609) NUC PC 25MM 1.0uM 100/PK NUC PC 25MM 10.0uM 100/PK(新货号10418406) NUC PC 25MM 12 0 uM 100/PK NUC PC 25MM 2.0uM 100/PK NUC PC 25MM 3.0uM 100/PK(新货号10418306) NUC PC 25MM 3.0uM 100/PK NUC PC 25MM 5.0uM 100/PK(原货号110613) NUC PC 25MM 8.0uM 100/PK(原货号110614) NUC PC 25MM AOX 0.4uM 100/PK NUC PC 25MM BL 0.2uM 100/PK NUC PC 25MM BL 0.4uM 100/PK NUC PC 25MM BL 0.8uM 100/PK NUC PC 25X80MM PVPF 5.0uM 100 NUC PC 25X80MM PVPF 8.0uM 100 NUC PC 293MM 0 2uM 25/PK NUC PC 293MM 0 4uM 25/PK NUC PC 293MM 0.05uM 25/PK NUC PC 293MM 0.08uM 25/PK NUC PC 293MM 0.08uM 25PK SN NUC PC 293MM 0.1uM 25/PK NUC PC 293MM 1 0uM 25/PK NUC PC 37MM 0.8uM 100/PK(原货号110809) NUC PC 47MM 0 4uM 100/PK NUC PC 47MM 0.015uM 100/PK NUC PC 47MM 0.05uM 100/PK NUC PC 47MM 0.08uM 100/PK NUC PC 47MM 0.1uM 100/PK NUC PC 47MM 0.2uM 100/PK(原货号111106) NUC PC 47MM 0.4uM 100/PK(原货号111107) NUC PC 47MM 0.4uM AOX 100/PK NUC PC 47MM 0.6uM 100/PK NUC PC 47MM 0.6uM 100/PK(原货号111108) NUC PC 47MM 0.8uM 100/PK(原货号111109) NUC PC 47MM 1 0uM 100/PK(原货号111110) NUC PC 47MM 1.0uM 100/PK(新货号10418712) NUC PC 47MM 10.0uM 100/PK(新货号10418412) NUC PC 47MM 10.0uM 100/PK NUC PC 47MM 12 0uM 100/PK NUC PC 47MM 2. 0uM 100/PK NUC PC 47MM 3.0uM 100/PK(新货号10418312) NUC PC 47MM 3.0uM 100/PK NUC PC 47MM 5.0uM 100/PK(原货号111113) NUC PC 47MM 8.0uM 100/PK(原货号111114) NUC PC 47MM BL 0.2uM 100/PK NUC PC 50MM 0.2uM 100/PK(原货号111206) NUC PC 50MM 0.4uM 100/PK(原货号111207) NUC PC 50MM 12 0uM 100/PK NUC PC 50MM 5.0uM 100/PK(原货号111213) NUC PC 76MM 0.05uM 100/PK NUC PC 81MM 0.4uM 25/PK(原货号111718) NUC PC 8X10IN 0 2uM 25/PK NUC PC 8X10IN 0.03uM 25/PK NUC PC 90MM 0.05uM 25/PK NUC PC 90MM 0.1uM 25/PK NUC PC 90MM 0.2uM 25/PK(原货号111706) NUC PC 90MM 0.4uM 25/PK(原货号111707) NUC PC 90MM 1 0uM 25/PK NUC PC 90MM 1.0uM 25/PK(新货号10418718) NUC PC 90MM 12 0uM 100/PK NUC PC 90MM 2.0uM 25/PK(原货号111711) NUC PC 90MM 3 0uM 25/PK NUC PC A4 SHEET 0 8uM 25/PK NYL 47MM 0.2uM 100/PK NYL 47MM 0.45uM 100/PK NYL THIN 13MM 0 2uM 100/PK NYL THIN 13MM 0.45uM 100/PK NYL THIN 25MM 0 2uM 100/PK NYL THIN 25MM 0.45uM 100/PK NYL THIN 47MM 0 2uM 100/PK NYL THIN 47MM 0 8uM 100/PK NYL THIN 47MM 0.45uM 100/PK NYL THIN 90MM 0 2uM 50/PK NYL THIN 90MM 0.45uM 50/PK NYTRAN 45 19.5 x 23.8MM 1000/PK OE66 0.2uM 110MM 50/PK OE66 0.2uM 142MM 25/PK OE66 0.2uM 25MM 100/PK OE66 0.2uM 293MM 25/PK OE66 0.2uM 300x600MM 5/PK OE66 0.2uM 47MM 100/PK OE66 0.2uM 50MM 100/PK OE67 0 45uM 90MM 50/PK OE67 0.45uM 110MM 50/PK OE67 0.45uM 13MM 100/PK OE67 0.45uM 142MM 25/PK OE67 0.45uM 25MM 100/PK OE67 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK OE67 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK OE67 0.45uM 85MM 50/PK PERFORATED 903 5 SPOT 20/PK PES 0 8uM 142MM 25/PK PES 0 8uM 90MM 50/PK PES 47MM 0.8uM 100/PK PET 24CMx100M 7-8uM 1/PK PLASTIC ZIPLOCK BAG 100/PK PM 2.5 PTFE W/PP RING 50/PK PMT pump- AKTA flux 6 POLYC75 0 2/0 2 PES 1/PK A/A non sterile POLYCAP 75 WPE 10.0UM POLYCARBONATE 12x25MM 100/PK POLYDISC HD 10.0 50/PK E/E POLYDISC HD 5.0 50/PK E/E POLYDISC WPE 50 50/PK A/A PRIMA125 25MMx50M 1/PK SIP PRIMA40 25MMx50M 1/PK SIP PRIMA40 25x300MM 10/PK PRIMA40 30MMX100M 1/PK PRIMA85 17MMx50M 1/PK PRIMA85 20MMx50M 1/PK PRIMA85 23x300 MM 25/PK PRIMA85 27x300MM 25/PK PROTEIN SAVER SEROSURVEY CARD 100PK PROTEINSAVER SNAP APART 100PK PROTRAN BA83 140x140MM 50/PK PROTRAN BA83 200x232MM 25/PK PROTRAN BA83 300x600MM 5/PK PROTRAN BA83 60x85MM 25/PK PROTRAN BA85 300x600MM 5/PK PROTRAN BA85 60x85MM 25/PK PT 0.2UM 65MMx4M 1/PK PTFE 50MMx100M 1/PK PTFE ZG 5UM 47MM 100/PK (4x25) PTFE ZG 5UM 47MM 50/PK PVDF 0.45UM 280MMx50M 1/PK BIO-RAD PZ001 SS TWEEZERS 1/PK Permeate pump - AKTA flux Pokalon 2 PC 0.8um 16mm x 90M Pressure Sensor - AKTA flux 6 Pressure sensor - AKTA flux Protein Saver Serosurvey Card 5000Pk Pump tube - AKTA flux 6 Pump tubing - size 17 - AKTA flux Pump tubing 16-1ft AKTA flux Pump tubing size 14 - AKTA flux Pump tubing size 16 - Akta flux QMA 3.7CM 100/PK QMA 4.7CM 100/PK QMA 8x10IN 25/PK QMA 9.0CM 100/PK QMB 42MM 50/PK QMC pre-fired 8x10IN 100/pk QMC pre-fired, 150mm 100/pk QMC pre-fired, 37mm 100/pk QMC pre-fired, 47mm 100/pk QMC pre-fired, 8x10IN 25/PK QMC pre-fired, 90mm 100/pk QMC prefired 110mm 100/pk QMC prefired 8.26cm 100/pk RAPID24 12MMX50M RAPID24 17MMX50M RAPID24 22MMX50M RAPID27 22MMX50M RAPID27 27MMX50M RC55 0.45uM 100MM 25/PK RC55 0.45uM 110MM 25/PK RC55 0.45uM 142MM 25/PK RC55 0.45uM 25MM 100/PK RC55 0.45uM 47MM 100/PK RC55 0.45uM 50MM 100/PK RC58 0.2uM 100MM 25/PK RC58 0.2uM 300x600MM 5/PK RC58 0.2uM 47MM 100/PK RC58 0.2uM 50MM 100/PK RC60 1uM 300MMx3M 1/PK RC60 1uM 47MM 100/PK RC60 1uM 50MM 100/PK Rubber stopper MV050/0 for SF 100 SF100 SUCFLASK 1L 1/PK HOSENIP SHARKSKIN 21INx750FT 1/PK SHARKSKIN 8x10IN 100/PK SS SYRINGE MEM HLDR 13MM 1/PK SS SYRINGE MEM HLDR 25MM 1/PK SS VACUUMMANI 3-PLACE 1/PK SS VACUUMMANI 6-PLACE 1/PK SSLU 262X350MM ABON 100PK SSLU 262x350MM /-0.5MM 50/PK ST68 0.8uM 47MM 100/PK ST68 300X600MM 5/PK ST69 1.2uM 47MM 100/PK STANDARD14 12MMX50M STANDARD14 17MMX50M STANDARD14 20MMX50M STANDARD14 22MMX50M STANDARD14 27MMX50M STANDARD17 10MMX50M STANDARD17 12MMX50M 1/PK STANDARD17 17MMX50M 1/PK STANDARD17 22MMX50M 1/PK STANDARD17 27MMX50M 1/PK STANDARD17 40MMx50M 1/PK STANDARD17 48MMx50M 1/PK STANDARD17 8MMx50M 1PK SV003C ARMOURTUBE 1.5M 1/PK SV006 RUB VACTUBE ID8MM 1/PK Standard 14 14mm x 50M reel Standard 17 A4 SHEETS 25/PK Standard14 6mm 1000/PK Standard14 A4 Sheets 50/PK Standard17 28.5MMx 50M 1/PK Standard17 A4 Sheets 50/PK TC-CLAMP AS220 1/PK TC-HOSEBARB AS220 1/PK TCLP 110MM 50/PK TCLP 125MM 50/PK TCLP 142MM 50/PK TCLP 150MM 50/PK TCLP 47MM 100/PK TCLP 90MM 50/PK TE35 0.2uM 25MM 50/PK TE35 0.2uM 47MM 50/PK TE35 0.2uM 50MM 50/PK TE36 0.45uM 210x297MM 25/PK TE36 0.45uM 47MM 50/PK TE36 0.45uM 50MM 50/PK TE37 1uM 210x297MM 25/PK TE37 1uM 25MM 50/PK TE37 1uM 300x600MM 75/PK TE37 1uM 47MM 50/PK TE37 1uM 50MM 50/PK TE38 300x600MM 75/PK TE38 5uM 150MM 25/PK TE38 5uM 37MM 50/PK TE38 5uM 47MM 50/PK TE38 5uM 50MM 50/PK TE38 5uM 90MM 25/PK TRF pump-AKTA flux 6 Tranfer pump - AKTA flux Tube kit - AKTA flux s UNIFLO 25/0 2 PVDF 500/PK UNIFLO 25/0 45 PVDF 500/PK US BIOTEK 12 SPOT CARD 1/PK VF1 17MMx50M VF2 14MMx100M VF2 17MMx50M VF2 17mm x 50M with plastic core VF2 47MM 100PK VF2 A4 SHEETS 50/PK VFE 210MMx297MM SHEETS 50/PK VP003 VAC/PRESS PUMP 1/PK VRL CF12 CARD 1/PK WT100 WITTBOTL 1L 1/PK HOSENIP Whatman 850-DS 8 Channel Filter Plate 1 0um GMF 50/PK ZIP LOCK BACK 100/PKG ePTFE LAM 1.0uM 8x10INCH 25/PK ePTFE ZD 1.0UM 7.4x34.3MM 250/PK ePTFE ZD 1.0UM 7.9x30.6MM 100/PK ePTFE ZD 1.0UM 7.9x30.6MM 250/PK ePTFE ZD 1.0uM 153MMx92M 1/PK ePTFE ZG 5.0uM 305MMx50M 1/PK ePTFE ZS 0.2UM 200MMx200M 1/PK CORE 76.2MM ePTFE ZV 0.05UM 150MMx200M ePTFE ZZ 0.45 PS 7MM 5000/REEL (原货号110615)NUC PC 25MM 10.0uM 100/PK (已停产)NUC PC 19MM 1.0uM 100/PK(新货号10418704)
        全部 更多 Whatman
        商品编号 商品名称 品牌 规格型号 标准价 优惠价 库存货期 数量 购买
        10531018 903收集卡 Whatman 1盒/903 PROTSAVER 5 SPOT 100/PK ¥2501.96
        10538018 903样本收集纸 Whatman 1盒/CF12 58X58CM 100PK ¥9349.02
        10534320 903蛋白质保存卡 Whatman 1盒/PROTEINSAVER SNAP APART 100PK ¥1774.51
        10548081 AE99膜 Whatman 1盒/AE99 25MMx50M 1/PK ¥4127.45
        10445897 AS220 Whatman 1盒/TC-CLAMP AS220 1/PK ¥1066.67
        10445895 AS220 Whatman 1盒/TC-HOSEBARB AS220 1/PK ¥1078.43
        10445890 AS220 Whatman 1盒/AS220 MBSI MANIF 2-PLACE 1/PK ¥0.00
        97039654 剑桥滤片 Whatman 1盒/F319-04 44MM 960/PK ¥4964.71
        97039944 剑桥滤片 Whatman 1盒/F319-04 92MM 100/PK ¥2398.04
        10477103 取膜器 Whatman 1盒/MEMBRANE-BUTLER ELECTRONIC 1/PK ¥29380.39
        10477100 取膜器 Whatman 1盒/MEMBRANE-BUTLER MANUAL 1/PK ¥14294.12
        10417406 径迹蚀刻膜 Whatman 1盒/NUC PC 25MM 5.0uM 100/PK(原货号110613) ¥1117.65
        10417501 径迹蚀刻膜 Whatman 1盒/NUC PC 13MM 8.0uM 100/PK(原货号110414) ¥870.59
        10417412 径迹蚀刻膜 Whatman 1盒/NUC PC 47MM 5.0uM 100/PK(原货号111113) ¥1937.25
        10417312 径迹蚀刻膜 Whatman 1盒/NUC PC 47MM 0.8uM 100/PK(原货号111109) ¥1937.25
        10417006 径迹蚀刻膜 Whatman 1盒/NUC PC 25MM 0.2uM 100/PK(原货号110606) ¥796.08
        10417112 径迹蚀刻膜 Whatman 1盒/NUC PC 47MM 0.4uM 100/PK(原货号111107) ¥1850.98
        10417004 径迹蚀刻膜 Whatman 1盒/NUC PC 19MM 0.2uM 100/PK(原货号800281) ¥1068.63
        10417106 径迹蚀刻膜 Whatman 1盒/NUC PC 25MM 0.4uM 100/PK(原货号110607) ¥796.08
        10417304 径迹蚀刻膜 Whatman 1盒/NUC PC 19MM 0.8uM 100/PK(原货号800284) ¥954.90
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